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What I write

blog post

Articles, Blog content, and E-Newsletter

Increase customer engagement and online interactions with clearly written, detailed blog posts, and articles.
Position your brand as an authority figure and a useful source of information on all matters related to your target niche.

Case studies

For B2B Companies

There’s no better way to show people you’re the real deal by sharing your success story.
Show potential customers how your company’s product/service can help them by showing how you have helped other businesses in the past.
This might just be what prospects need to make up their mind about you and choose you.
Case studies are one of the most effective B2B marketing tools that help influence a prospect’s beliefs and decisions.
People are typically more trusting of people with proven track records.

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case study

Content Planning Service

Whether you’re launching a new site or revamping an existing one content marketing must be well planned and thought out.
I can help you use tested and proven methods to plan website content and structure. You’ll get a detailed analysis reporting site map of contents and proper link structure. 

Downloadable Special reports and eBook

Offer free and beneficial eBooks and reports to potential customers in exchange for email and permission to send more promotional offers.
Capture more warm leads by increasing opt-in form conversion using special reports and eBooks prospects will find beneficial.

Health eBook
email marketing

Emails and Autoresponders/Lead-Nurturing emails

Keep in touch with customers and prospects over a long period with carefully crafted pre-written email series. 
I can help you write the kind of Leads-nurturing email that will continually build prospects’ interest in your product or service until they’re ready to buy from you.

Information Page

Publish relevant how-to articles, tutorials, product reviews, and other information that helps your prospect better understand your product/service thus aiding in the decision-making process.
Even though these kinds of content don’t sell directly, they definitely help move the sales process further.
I always recommend this to all clients.

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SEO Copywriting

I can help you write SEO optimized blog posts and articles that get ranked quickly on the first page of search result.
Rank for relevant and competitive keywords and increase visibility by targeting keywords with high monthly search volume.

Social media content & profile setup

Increase your brand visibility and online presence with solid, unparalleled profiles across all social media platforms. Increase brand followings and engagements with timely, constant, and thoughtful social media posts.

Get strong social proof and backings for your products and services from loyal customers. While ultimately increasing your reach and customer base.

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video scripty

Video scripts

Cleverly worded and effective video scripts that help you publish highly engaging and shareable content. Create videos for new product launch, how-to demonstrations, sneak peeks, and attract more attention.

Web Content & Copy

Your website is most likely going to be your brand’s first impression to prospect. You want to make a lasting impression because only then can these prospects move further down your sales funnel. Make a statement with powerful copy on your home, about, and other relevant pages.
Publish and continue to update your business website with an engaging, and fresh web copy. 


web content

White papers

For B2B Companies

Release official marketing materials that detail how your company and product is the solution to your customers’ problems.
Get your white paper written by an expert and you will never make a better investment. Publish the kind of white paper that will be highly sought after by business buyers when making a purchasing decision.
Empower your lead generation with state of the art white papers that ensure your prospects keep you in mind always.

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