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Get Your Voice out, Get the Last Word in, and Let Your Message Echo.

A Major Challenge...

There’s a significant communication gap between product/service specialist and the target audience.

And businesses that ignore this gap do so at great expense.

Strive to stay ahead, not just afloat

Yes, you’ve created an excellent product and you’re all jazzed-up.
I’m also ecstatic for you, but…

Shouldn’t your target customers join in this party?
After all, they’re the end users

If the market does not share your enthusiasm, it’s probably because they don’t see what you see.

How do you make them see the brilliance and usefulness of your product?

You do this by breaking the language barrier that’s keeping you on the other side of the table.

By writing simple, clear and reader-focused copy audiences can relate with.
There’s one sure way to get this done effectively.

Yes, I’m talking about a Copywriter.
But not just any Copywriter…
I’m talking about a Pharma Copywriter.
Someone that speaks manufacturing, formulation design, quality control and various other technical language of fluently.

Why Hire A Pharma Copywriter, A Specialist?

Your copy gets written by a professional that understands your business, product, and target market.

Like I said earlier, you don’t want the product pioneers to write marketing content about the product.

That’s a big No, No!

Product designers are often too close and intimate with the product.
They spend a lot of time in that brilliant head brainstorming the next big discovery.

That’s why you need someone that can communicate with your target audience without barrier.

To connect and sell prospects on your product/service, you need to get out of your head and get into your prospect’s head.

But, wait…

What if this someone can also understand your brand and product?
Someone that understands your viewpoint and that of your customer?

Now that’s the specialist you should be talking to.

A specialist that knows your product almost as much as the designers but can also write punchy promotional materials.

That will be a Pharma Copywriter, aka me.

Meet Your Pharma Copywriter

Rukayat Adedeji

Rukayat Adedeji here.
I’m a pharmacist and a B2B Pharma copywriter.
I write white papers, case studies and various articles for pharmaceutical and biotechnology CMOs and CDMOs.
I work internationally with companies in Africa, Europe and North America.

Build a lasting relationship with customers

It doesn’t have to be all about selling.
Show your customers you care about them by regularly publishing valuable content that’s solely for their benefit.

I can help you build a personal relationship with your customers…
Give a distinct voice and personality to your brand…
And show people there are real people behind the scene.

Allow me to do the heavy lifting here while you focus on other aspects of your business growth.
Ready to get started?
Contact a freelance B2B Copywriter today.

Pharma Copywriting Services I Offer

Increase customer engagement and online interactions with clearly written,  detailed blog posts, and articles.

blog post

Stay in touch and build prospect’s interest in your product or service with pre-written email series.

email marketing

Make a lasting first impression with professionally written website copy. Home, About, Services page and more

web content

Release weekly and monthly newsletters that keeps your product/service at the top of prospect’s list

health care products

Release official marketing materials that detail how your company and product is the solution to your customers’ problems.

Show potential customers how your company’s product/service can help them by showing how you have helped other businesses in the past.

case study

What Clients are saying

It was a pleasure working with you, very timely, and communicated very well. I'm very happy with the content that was created for my product. Definitely consider working with you again.
DanYel Williams

For every B2B & B2C health brand that wants to stay ahead of the competition

Great research and excellent quality of work. I would definitely recommend this writer to anyone.
Rafal Szafarkiewicz
Salford, UK
Able to complete assignments in a timely manner and in high quality. Dedicated to providing excellent work and professionalism.
John H

Products/services in Health & Medical Sector

Whatever your product/service is, be rest assured I can create an impossible-not-to-read copy for it. Below are some examples of what I write about.


solid dosage form


drug packaging

Clinical trials

research and development





Formulation Development

Bioassay Development

bioassay development

Method Development

Healthcare copywriter

Bioanalytical Services

bioanalytical analysis

Laboratory Testing

laboratory testing

Equipment & Machinery

Equipment and machinery

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to questions I get asked often. In case you have similar enquiry.

This depends on the type of project. Short projects like emails can be finished in two days. while long copy assignments like sales letter, white papers can take as long as 3-4 weeks.

You shouldn’t worry as we’ll both agree on a set delivery time that work for us before starting any work.

First, I don’t usually charge per hour…except in few cases.
I charge based on complexity of the subject, value to your business and copy length.
Every project differs and I’ll need to ask some questions before sending you a proposal

Check out the service page for the . Then contact about your project by filling out this form.
Or email me at
And I will get back to you on what’s next


content is general information about a particular subject. while a copy is a kind of content with elements of persuasion in it.  A copy is used to sell people on products and services.
Also, copy requires a higher level of expertise and not all writers are skilled in this.

Absolutely. I write about different health technological advancement. From telemedicine, electronic health records to remote monitoring tools.

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