Who is Rukayat Adedeji?

The result-oriented B2B Pharma Copywriter to lay all your copy problems to rest.

Rukayat Adedeji

Hi there,

I’m a freelance pharma copywriter. I write white papers, articles and case studies (both online and offline) for CMOs and CDMOs in pharma and biotech industry

I work with marketing managers and executives in this field to create and publish relevant marketing materials of premium quality.

Why pharma and biotech industry?

I’ve been in the pharmaceutical field for a little over 5 years now both as a pharmacy student and a researcher. 

Because of my extensive knowledge and experience as a writer and a pharmaceutical expert, I’m able to effectively research and produce relevant content on any subject matter in this field.

What does this mean for your business?

 I bring my uniquely combined knowledge and experience to help you create a compelling and watertight copy.
Take away the hassle of burdening your experts with unnecessary writing task when they can be focusing more on product design and development. I will help you plan, research and produce the content that help get your product/company name on every shortlist.
Simply put I’m the Pharma Copywriter your brand and product needs.

I write various content including

  • Blog post and articles
  • Newsletters
  • Infographics
  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • Special reports and presentation

I create a well-researched and cleverly-phrased content that can power your content marketing strategy.
Let me help you achieve your content marketing goal. Whether it’s to generate leads, nurture prospects or increase sales
I can help skyrocket sales with high converting promotional content.


When most businesses think about their website as a marketing tool, they tend to focus more on the designs rather than the content.
There’s no doubt attractive web design is necessary. But so is a compelling web copy. After all, it’s the words that communicate and make the sale.
I create a impressive web copy that helps you stand out and positions you as an authority figure in your market.
Start publishing exceptional web copy that makes you the reference point for all things related to your business.
I also offer a site audit service where I critically analyze your website content, navigation, and SEO strength and then provide a detailed feedback report.
This report points out everything you’re currently doing right and wrong and how it impacts your brand perception. The report also includes a step-by-step solution to fix all errors, properly optimize your site, and help scale your business.
You can get a free site audit for one webpage on your site. Simply contact me.

What do Clients
say about me?

John H



Able to complete assignments in a timely manner and in high quality. Dedicated to providing excellent work and professionalism.

DanYel Williams


It was a pleasure working with you, very timely, and communicated very well. I’m very happy with the content that was created for my product. Definitely consider working with you again.

Rafal Szafarkiewicz

Salford, UK


Great research and excellent quality of work. I would definitely recommend this writer to anyone.

I believe, together, we can position your brand as the key player in your market.
If you agree, then lets do this!
I look forward to hearing from you and hope to have a lasting working relationship.

Rukayat Adedeji
Pharma Copywriter
Get Your Voice out, Get the Last Word in, and Let Your Message Echo

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message me at ra@rukayatadedeji.com

Rukayat Adedeji